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well documented, as well as the clothing and crowns of the Pharaohs.The pharaohs would often wear animal skins, usually leopard or lion, as a sign of their station. In the Sinai were turquoise mines, the deep blue lapis lazuli had to come from far away Afghanistan. 2 Until the mid- Eighteenth Dynasty women wore a tight-fitting sheath dress, a simple garment that falls from just below the breasts to just above the ankles, being held up by two shoulder straps. 10 Over the dress, women had a choice of wearing shawls, capes, or robes. Surviving dresses consist of a body made from a tube of material sewn up one side, supported not by straps but by a bodice with sleeves. 17 Footwear Footwear was the same for both sexes. 1, linen is made from the flax plant by spinning the fibers from the stem of the plant. 4 Men From about 2130 BC during the Old Kingdom, garments were simple. Filter By: Colors, collections, width 0' 9" 20' 6" ' " - ' length 1' 4" 98' 5" ' " - ' " 3x5 4x6 5x8 7x10 9x12.

11 Children Children wore no clothing until 6 years old. Glass and faience (glaze over a core of stone or sand) were favorites to replace rocks because they could be produced in many colors. The Egyptian preference was towards the use of bright colors, lustrous stones and precious metals. It is believed that the production and result were intentional. Findings suggest that the lead in combination with salts produced naturally by the body produce nitric oxide which boosts the immune system. Also when women are shown in movement, sitting or kneeling, the dress still clings to the outline of the body as if elasticated. These products were mixed with animal fat to make them compact and to preserve them. A b c The Latest Fashions in Ancient Egypt. Show Similar Rugs Sizes Available 3' x 9' 10 Runner 2' x 6' Runner 13' x 19' 8 8' x 11' 6 7' x 10' 5' x 8' 4' x 6' 2' x 3' 4' x 6' Istanbul Rug 50 Off Markdowns Show Similar Rugs.