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plots against Vayne, correctly predicting that Larsa, the youngest son, would make for a better and more stable Emperor. It's district lines coupon code all part of his plan to cause a Temporal Paradox. The only other person who backstabs as much as Ocelot and gets away with it is Naomi Hunter. Thus, the game is more of a stalling tactic until The Doctor comes up with an idea. It's gotten to the point where in some of the Forgotten Realms novels, the Running Gag is that a drow found dead with a knife in her back is considered to have died of natural causes. Then, when that fails, they ally with Henry's wife, Queen Margaret, to put Henry back on the throne. He tricked the Friends of Humanity into helping and dispersing a plague for him, then planned to discard them as soon their usefulness had ended. In The Vor Game we meet a more pathological version in Commander Cavilo. In-universe House Greyjoy have this reputation due to attempts to rebel whenever they think the have the slightest chance of winning (and even when they really don't).

Mazoku are bound, absolutely, to follow the orders of their superiors. Being focused on mercantilism and trade, Corrupt Corporate Executive types thrive as members. Betrays the Alliance in a coup to join Treize and. Paige has turned on every ally she's ever had.

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House and installing Yes Man in the Lucky 38, proceeding to a chaotic independent Vegas. Airrachnid, on the other hand, is a bit more brazen in her betrayals. And you'll probably end up with them discount code up in arms anyway. When he reappears he romances Cally, only to betray her and use her as a pawn against Doyle and Lance. As soon as they're out of the goblin's earshot, they resolve to see if they can cut a better deal with his boss. Groo: What about those twelve times? It's not a reference to his battle tactics: it is a reference to the fact that he'll murder his own men, and other people's men, to advance his own objectives or if they displease him in some way. And he starts sabotaging his new team's efforts instead. Let's see: first, she and her brother Kragok kill their father so that they can take over the Dark Legion (though Kragok then cut her out; guess this trope runs in the family ). Roleplay On many Internet roleplay sites, especially forum roleplaying, characters and even players can become infamous for being untrustworthy due precisely to this trope. Chloe: At this rate, you're gonna run out of people to betray.

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